Mack Tuff Deep Pleasure Penis Extender Black

Xtreme Boundaries


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Supple, clingy and sexily lifelike in appearance, the Mack Tuff Deep is a super-effective male enhancer that not only functions to increase the thickness, texture and overall satisfaction potential of the penis in question, but can also aid with a too-fast finish. Made from extra soft, super stretchy thermoplastic rubber, the skin-safe Deep slips easily and snugly over the shaft, with the looped end placed around the back of the testicles. Holding the sleeve securely in place while adding support, the ring portion, along with the decreased sensation, can definitely help with stamina and endurance, all while helping to maintain an impressive erection. Safe, hygienic and compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant, the material comprising this great sleeve is virtually maintenance free and very durable. At about 6.5 inches (165mm) in total, with a firm tip adding about an inch and a half to overall length, this Mack Tuff piece stretches to comfortably fit most. Deep size also available (sold separately).

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